museum in a liminal state: winners

The Centre for Experimental Museology is happy to announce the winners of the “Museum in a Liminal State” grant programme.

We are grateful to all the applicants who have submitted their proposals for the grant programme “Museum in a Liminal State” and congratulate the winners.

Alex Anikina: Fictional Museums as Artistic Method and Speculative Critique
Aleksei Borisionok: Museum in a Liminal State of Postsocialism
Alexey Buldakov: Relics. Production, Acquisition, Storage
Sophie Williamson: The Palintropic Turning of Silence
Ana María Gómez López: Shifting Ground
Evgeny Kozlov: “Interrupted by the Mist”: Toward (Media)Archeology of Optical Telegraph’s “Imaginary Museum”
Coincidental Institute (Yoel Regev, Alek Petuk, Yura Plokhov): On Possibilities of the Coincidence Museum
Ilaria Conti: Knowledge Continuums: Relational and Communal Practices beyond the Art Museum
Andrea Liu: A Museum Under Occupation in France
Biljana Purić: The Musealization of Alternative: Exiled Narratives and Practices in Post-Yugoslav Art
Denis Sivkov, Makar Tereshin, Sergey Karpov: Scales of Space Exploration in the Peripheral Aerospace Museums
Nikolai Smirnov: Museum and Exile: Exclusion as Chrysalis
Liliya Tkachuk: In the Field of “New Silence”: Sound in Museum
Ana Torok: “Another Kind of Place”: An Early History of the Clocktower Gallery and the Function of the Exhibition Container in the 1970s
Alessandra Franetovich: Re-imaging the Black Square Hanging in a Private Gallery: N. E. Dobychina Art Bureau and the Avant-garde in Saint Petersburg
Marianna Hovhannisyan: Ethnographic Metadata: Archives and Museums of Avant-garde
Alexandra Tsibulya: The “Vision Blockade” Phenomenon
Eszter Őze: The Aesthetics of Socialist Asceticism?